Braventure facilitates in startup readiness programme GAME

Sunday 21 Jan 2024

Braventure facilitates in startup readiness programme GAME

AcceptChain will follow the Startup Readiness Program GAME at Braventure. This is a practice-oriented and interactive program for founders with a scalable business model, where continuous validation is central.

GAME program

The GAME program consists of several phases, starting with a kick-off, followed by 6 training sessions and ending with monthly peer-to-peer meetings. This module contributes to a clearer definition of the problem and the customer's needs. An average of 8-10 hours are worked on assignments every week, with the aim of conducting a total of 50 customer interviews. For startups, this process is very valuable and helps find the first paying customer.

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The Startup Readiness Program is made possible by BOM, Braventure and the Province of North Brabant. Braventure is a collaboration between AgriFood Capital, Avans, BIM, BOM, Brainport, BUAS, B'WISE, Fontys, HAS, JADS, Midpoint, REWIN, The Gate, Tilburg University, TU/e ​​and the Province of North Brabant.

Starterslift Investments funding

Wednesday 17 Jan 2024

Starterslift Investments funding

In December 2023, AcceptChain applied for financing from Starterslift Investments Fonds to further develop the business idea into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


Following the application, in combination with a pitch and question period, the Investment Committee has decided to grant a pre-seed loan.


Starterslift is a fund where financing is made possible by various government institutions. The goal of Starterslift is to bring innovative ideas to life, not to make money from them. The fund has already helped many startups in their first phase of development with pre-seed financing. In this way, new startups can always be helped in the early and riskiest phase of their development."

Provincie Brabant supports innovation with new regional subsidy scheme

Wednesday 6 Dec 2023

Provincie Brabant supports innovation with new regional subsidy scheme

In September 2023, AcceptChain submitted a subsidy application to the Province of North Brabant to stimulate innovation among companies in Brabant.

SIR scheme
Provincie Noord-Brabant conducts the SIR subsidy for early stage start-ups.

The subsidy from the SIR scheme is used by AcceptChain to carry out a feasibility project (customer validation) for the development of our innovative business idea.

The AcceptChain team is conducting customer interviews in order to sharpen the business model.
Earlyvangelists will be targeted for the customer feedback round.


The Province of North Brabant has decided in mid-December 2023 to provide a subsidy for the following activities:

  • preliminary investigation;
  • customer interviews;
  • analyze interview results and define customer pain points, needs and behavior;
  • investigate willingness to pay for solution.

AcceptChain moves to B'WISE Incubator Breda

Friday 1 Dec 2023

AcceptChain moves to B'WISE Incubator Breda

As of December 1, 2023, AcceptChain will be located at B'WISE Incubators in the office building on Chasséveld, on the corner of Claudius Prinsenlaan. This is the new hotspot for startups in Breda with an inspiring environment and a lively startup community.

It is the place for AcceptChain where everything comes together that is needed to grow quickly and successfully. It is a one-stop shop for workplaces, programming, events, guidance to financing, guidance and service providers such as accountants or lawyers.


Incubator in Brabant
B'WISE Incubator is an initiative of; REWIN West Brabant, Municipality of Breda, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Braventure and the BOM (Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij). They each work together on the incubator based on their own expertise and in this way want to create a good business climate and increase the chances of success for startups."

Rewin supports applications for SIR scheme

Thursday 21 Sep 2023

Rewin supports applications for SIR scheme

To ensure that the Brabant economy continues to be competitive, it is important for the province of North Brabant to stimulate innovation. The province of North Brabant aims to ensures that these innovations are not lost and that valuable start-ups receive advice and support with a subsidy application for Stimulation of Innovation in the Region (SIR).

SIR scheme

AcceptChain is supported by REWIN for this subsidy application. The SIR scheme is intended for innovative Brabant startups, whereby 50% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of € 15,000 are reimbursed.

REWIN initiates, stimulates and connects and ensures that West Brabant is the place where innovative entrepreneurs want to be. Full of energy for hardworking, entrepreneurship and innovation in West Brabant."